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Today's fast pace and hectic world presents little opportunity to just take it easy. But up on the peaks of Ehden, an oasis of beauty and serenity stands ready to remind…you, and your family, can take your time…

Enjoy a moment of rest.
Get a place in the nest.
The Ehden Country Club… tranquility, in your reach.

Suspended at an altitude of 1,450 meters above the coast, halfway between heaven and earth, Ehden Country Club offers an ideal zone of divine relaxation and leisure.  As it is only a half hour drive from the glittering Mediterranean coast, and twenty minutes from the snow slopes of the Cedars, it presents an array of solutions for your Summer or Winter vacations.

The Ehden Country Club covers an impressive expanse of 21,000 m2 of healthy green terrain, creating an island of comfort and luxury with an awe inspiring backdrop of mountain and valley land. Most significant, the Valley of Oizhaya draws your eyes over the verdant olive plains of the Koura, stretching out towards the sparkling Mediterranean sea of Chekka and Tripoli. Above you, the majestic peaks of the Cedar Mountains capture the praise of its poets with their snow covered winter peaks, and warm lush green breezes of the summer. With this 360’ panoramic view, the Ehden Country Club provides infinite possibilities for your eyes and soul.

Not only is the Ehden project the only Country Club in Mount Lebanon, it also presents an entirely new concept in resort living. Join the jetsetters in three different modes of membership:

• Buy a share, and enjoy the club's facilities with your family for a life- time.
• Acquire an apartment in the adjoining complex and make your home your paradise.
• Purchase a time- share in one of the luxury flats of the Country Club Inn and enjoy the comfort of fully- equipped and fully- serviced living for one or more weeks each year… for life! The time- share option is an innovation of the Ehden project. It is the ideal solution for busy families searching for the perfect harmony between the hectic year- long pace of the city and the promise of regular mountain retreat.
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